thoughts, statements, and descriptions

My current sculptural work is an exploration of studio based research: physicality and metaphor in concepts of torn, fatigued, erupted, collapsed, or disintegrated objects and images; the use of virtual modeling of 3D objects with physical 3D object construction; the use of light to create a two dimensional image in conjunction with the three dimensional object; the addition of post consumer paper products as a structural armature for fabrication, and an interest in the various forms of insect architecture and superorganisms.

The objects are constructed of primarily ceramic materials; clay and glaze chemicals.

I am interested in the ambiguity of perception and the veracity of dimensional identity.

“Susan Whitmore explores the imagery of natural science and the intersection of science and art. Her experience in ceramics and sculpture and work as a science illustrator, a land surveyor for the U.S. Forest Service, and as an exhibition specialist for the California Academy of Sciences has helped form a unique line of inquiry into object and image making. “

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